Lens Verse - Case Study

Lens Verse - CASE STUDY

The Client

Lens Verse is a vibrant magazine and blog dedicated to showcasing the beauty, diversity, and culture of New Jersey through captivating photography. We celebrate the essence of the Garden State by featuring local models, businesses, and events, offering readers a unique glimpse into the heart of their communities. Through our lens, we aim to inspire, connect, and empower individuals while fostering a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of New Jersey life.

The Project

Lens Verse enlisted Media Masked to develop a brand identity and online platform that echoed the brand's luxurious and forward-thinking essence.

Brand Book Development

The goal behind developing the Lens Verse brand was to articulate the modern feel the company wanted to portray. This drove us to creating a visual identify that would encompass a sleek design, while holding an elegant tone. The brand development included:

·       Creating company logo and tagline

·       Identifying primary font and color palette.

·       Developing visual identify and content templates

·       Designing principal brand elements

Website Development

Just like the brand book, the website needed to reflect the company’s dedication to quality. The Lens Verse website embodies their dedication to quality and transparency, providing a great user experience while including all the important information necessary for users looking to learn more about their products. The web design included:

·       Created full structure/sitemap of the website

·       Designed web pages to coincide with brand elements

·       Implemented custom features

·       Implemented lead tracking through google analytics

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